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Toad Community - Cannot Access Anymore


Can someone point me in the right direction?

Whenever I run into querying issues, I usually google Toad SQL - “My Issue”.
Say for instance:

TOAD Community search results usually pop up and take me right to a thread that explains everything about it. When i try to do that now, it automatically sends me to the main blog site and I can never find those threads.

Any ideas?




I am able to search it and popup it with the results, please check below

Can you try it again, please? If you cannot , please let me know how you do it, thanks

Queena Liu


That looks like a link to a blog, but I used to go to the Toad Community page everytime, which would give exact answers… When i click the link to go to the… it automatically sends me to the default page.


Hi - We have switched our Toad World forum platform and so the old links may no longer work and the redirect takes you to the main forum page or main blog page. You can use the search functionality on the forum page to then find your forum post. We understand this extra click or two is inconvenient, but unfortunately we could no longer grow on our older platform and needed to modernize so we can continue to accommodate our growth and the incoming feature requests from our community.