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Toad Data Point 3.6 / Importing to SQL Serverfrom Informix 7.32 DB


I’m not sure if this has been covered elsewhere but any help re this would be appreciated:

When I try and use the native Toad Data Point import function to take a table via ODBC from an old Informix 7.32 table which has some date columns in it into SQL Server it fails.

The cause seems to be the import feature of Toad always sees the date columns as datatype “timestamp” rather than “date” and can’t process timestamp fields/columns with explicit values.

Manually forcing the datetype within the Toad Import steps to be “date” makes little difference.

I can get the data in the table into Informix by first saving to a CSV file & storing the date columns as type CHAR or VARCHAR then taking that into SQL Server but I have rather a lot of these Informix tables to take over.

Thanks in advance

I tried our 3.6 release but cannot reproduce the issue you described, could you please provide screenshot and import template for me to investigate?

This is what I tried:

  1. When I import a query from Informix to SqlServer as a new table, all the datetime columns are mapped as DateTime and can be imported successfully.

  2. When I import a query from SqlServer to Informix, the columns are mapped as datetime (not timestamp as you mentioned), which will give syntax error later. I’ve created an issue QAT-5927 for it. To workaround it, you can manually change the datatype to date.

  3. I also tried import a csv file to informix, and again, the default type is datetime not timestamp, the fix of QAT-5927 will address it as well.

Hello. Thanks for taking the time to respond to this.

I have attached four screen shots of the steps I am following when running Toad import. I have also attached a template file which hopefully will make more sense to you.

It is useful to know SQLServer To Informix is working satisfactorily, however at the moment I am more concerned with Informix to SQLServer.

Thank you again. :slight_smile: (783 KB)

Thank you for the screenshots and template. Now I can see you are connecting SqlServer via ODBC. Please try connect it via native provider by selecting “Microsoft SQL Server”.
We have much better support this way and I will fix the issue with ODBC driver for SqlServer in next release. Thanks!


Thank you very much for this. This has definitely sorted the problem of the datetime/timestamp :slight_smile: Genius !!