Toad Data Point freeware edition?

I have been using Toad for Data Analysts on a weekly basis to access a Firebird database (via ODBC) that is used by our inventory system. I would rather not switch to another tool since Toad is near and dear to my heart :wink: Will the product continue with a freeware edition in Toad Data Point?


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You guys aren’t speaking to me anymore or what? :slight_smile: It’s a pretty simple question.

I’m a community forum monitor this week so blame me for not answering :slight_smile:

As far as I know, TDP 3.1 is the latest freeware version we have. There is no plans to release TDP 3.3 as a freeware.


Thanks Igor. I assume you mean TDA 3.0.1 freeware? I wasn’t able to locate a freeware under the re-branded Toad Data Point name so that is why I was wondering if the freeware product will live on under TDP or if it will cease with TDA 3.0.1. Can you clarify?


Sorry. Of course, I meant TDA 3.0.

As for the future freewares - the only thing I’m aware of is that we don’t have plans to release TDP 3.3 freeware.