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Toad Data Point: New connection through command line


I am trying to initiate a new connection to a NoSQL type database using Toad Data Point.

I tried connecting to one such database first and saved the .tcs connection file and closed the connection. I then attempted to open Toad using this .tcs file through command line : <toad.exe path> <.tcs file path>. On doing this, it connected to the database - just as expected.

But the .tcs file stores database password in encrypted format, so for a new connection I want to be able to enter the password in plain text. So if I remove the 'password' value from .tcs file I thought it would prompt me for entering the password (because I have seen this behavior in Toad for SAP solutions where a dialog window pops up 'Need more information to connect' and it asks to enter password). However, I did not get any connection dialog with password prompt and no connection to database was created.

Please tell me how do I initiate a new connection through command line in Toad Data Point?


@Debbie_Peabody : could you please help check on this query?

Hi Anit,
which version are you using and which NoSQL connection is it? The behaviour might be different for each database.

Hi Dan,

The version number is and the database in question is Apache Cassandra


Hi Anit, I tested and you're correct. We'll discuss whether the password-asking-dialog is possible for Cassandra too.

We're still working on it.