Toad DB2 v6.3.0.508 beta posted

An updated beta drop - Toad DB2 beta - v6.3.0.508 - has been posted

Please visit the beta page to download the latest beta drop at:

To view the changes in our latest beta drop, please review the latest beta release notes at:

This is great news. I installed yesterday but did not get a chance to check out the compare to excel \ CSV option. I think that I requested this feature and if it works, it will make life a lot easier for me.

Keep up the great work.

Shimon J.

It indeed works great, and is a real time-saver for me.


Is there a new Beta in the works or will there be a commercial version of 6.3 coming soon?

We have a licensed copy of 6.2, but I can’t use the automation scripts I wrote using the 6.3 Beta.

All the best,

Shimon J,