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Toad edge on Peronca XtraDB cluster migration with very large innodB DB and tables


We are doing Peronca XtraDB cluster migration from Peronca XtraDB cluster 5.7.x to 8.0.19 and we have to migrate large amount of data (60GB) to the target server. mysqldump and restore is not that efficient as once the dump file has some characters target server don’t like, the restore progress will dropped out from putty session.

As I have download the toad edge trial and there are sth I want to test but can’t test on trial.

What we have done is open a 20GB mysql dump .sql file to toad edge and tried to deploy manually but seems Toad edge for mysql ALSO can't open that 20GB .sql files! and it can't even do data migration for us within Toad edge console !

mysql workbench can open a .sql file around 500MB but not bigger!

So how can toad edge help us on our Peronca XtraDB cluster migration project ? remember the point is the DB in our Peronca XtraDB cluster 5.7.x can be 60GB of a particular DB and table .