Toad for DB2 v4.7 versus 5.0

For those of you who administer databases, do you feel the v5.0 release significantly diminished your ability to adminster your databases versus the capabilities of 4.7?

I find myself running back to 4.7 for a lot of my day to day responsibilities as the 5.0.x version seems to be geared toward Developers and not DBA’s.

Opinions? Thoughts? Am I missing something?

I would like to hear more details about why you feel v5.0 significantly diminished your ability to administer your databases, as we have not made any changes that should have affected that.
Please post your response here on the forum, or if you wish, you can email me directly at:


I am a DBA and Toad 5.0 has been absolutely the best version ever for me. I came from Quest Central for DB2 and I hated the first versions of TOAD I used. V4.7 had a bug we could not get around (could not display large stored procedures or re-create them) so we had to use 4.6 until 5.0 came out. Toad is just now starting to feel like it is DB2 friendly and not an Oracle make do product. There are some bugs, especially in the generated scripts, but for the most part I can do everything our DBA shop needs to do.