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Toad for SQL Server v5.7 has been released!

We are pleased to announce that new 5.7 version of Toad for SQL Server is now available.

Please go to to find
out what’s new in this release. You’ll also find other useful Toad for SQL Server information on the Quest website at
Also freeware version available here:

Thanks to all of you who continue to participate in our community helping us to shape the product! Please keep share with us your ideas on

Toad for SQL Server Development Team

Thanks for announcing the new release.

I downloaded and tried the Freeware version. While the new release has quite a few nice features, it is lacking one feature that V5.6 had: HTML export of query results.

Is this a consequence of a policy change or an oversight?


Hi shamsundar_500,

The policy has been changed and now allows only delimited(comma,tab and others) and XML. Sorry for limiting functionality of freeware edition.