Toad for Sybase Knowledge Article 114772

Toad For SyBase 2.1 throws a System.FormatException when trying to connect to an ASE 15.5 database. I found this article:

It was last updated on: 10/15/2013, over a year ago.

Anyone knows when this bug is likely to be fixed? It’s a deal breaker for me. Unfortunately I haven’t found a good replacement for Toad.

Has anyone found a workaround?

Hi Gargravarr,

this issue has been fixed in the 2.0.1 patch so it should not occur in 2.1.

Please, see release notes for TSY-61.

Can you paste here more details of your connection?


Hi daniel. Thanks for replying.

I can’t really post much about the connection because of security. What did you have in mind?

I’m using Toad for Sybase Freeware, if that helps.

Hi Gargravarr,

Could you please pass you server version to us? we suspect it’s ASE license specific issue.

run select @@version

Email address:



Hello Cindy

The version query says:

Adaptive Server Enterprise/15.0.3/EBF 19955 ESD#4.1/P/x86_64/Enterprise Linux/ase1503/2782/64-bit/FBO/Tue Jun 12 02:05:16 2012

License problems seems like a reasonable theory


Hi Gargravarr,

From the server information you provided, it’s ASE 15.0.3, not 15.5, correct?

I assume it’s ASE 15.0.3, we had a CR to track this issue and our developer is working on it, hopefully we could solve it soon

Hi Gargravarr,

we reopened our TSY-557 issue for this and actually it should be quickly fixed. It should be in the next beta in about two or three weeks, so please watch our beta release notes for Resolved issues (2499928-1/TSY-557).

Thanks for the feedback!

I do have the same issue,

i’m using Toad with “Adaptive Server Enterprise/15.7.0/EBF 20037 SMP ESD#01 ONE-OFF/P/RS6000/AIX 6.1/ase157esd1rat/2923/64-bit/FBO/Sun May 13 00:04:36 2012”, and every time i open the conection get that error. Allthough i can succesfully connect and run queryes, i can not use the object browser.

does anybody solve this issue’

Hi ccalderon,

this issue (TSY-557) has been fixed. Toad was throwing exception when there was “ON-OFF” text in the version string. Please, watch out for our next Beta to check whether your issue has gone.

Thanks for the feedback!


Don’t know if this has also been fixed, but I just discovered that Toad also throws an System.FormatException when I open an sql file. And sometimes when you right-click on the sql pane.

Where can I download the next beta? Can’t find it

Hi Gargravarr,

the latest Beta drop out is still - please wait a couple of days for our next.

We will be posting an announcement and you can download it from our Beta site.


Great, looking forward to it!

Hello Gargravarr,

the new beta is out.

Please, see the announcement here.