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toad para ubuntu

hola alguien sabe de toad para ubuntu sin utilizar el wine

Toad for Oracle es un producto de Windows por lo que no se puede utilizar en Linux sin wine.


I tried on several ways to ge “stable” toad running on linux with wine of course.

Haven’t get successes. I was reading Bert article, but this seems to be far far away from any stable work.

Any help appreciated.

Toad will run quite stable under WINE - but stable does not mean quick. Often screen refreshes will take 4 times longer than under native Windows. But I’ve yet to get any major crashes or anything - just slower is all …

You do need to be running the very latest WINE and have lots of WINE config options set properly - otherwise it will be unstable - but that’s WINE config issues …

clear and true … slow is harder exposed than crash (which come from to many clicking because of no respond).

Thx for clearing this out.