TOAD Query

How would I create/design a query that would pull DOB and SSN for customers from a database table. Can someone provide an example of this please?


Have you looked at any of the video tutorials on Toad World or within the TDP software? There are some quick guides built-in. Go to the View menu and click Launch Window. Then click “Getting Started Guide” and then “Create Queries.”

After reviewing this, you could use the Query Builder (this can be accessed on the same “Launch Window” area), double-click the table that has the desired info, double-click the columns needed from that table, and run the query.

Since I am at work, I cannot access the video tutorials since my company has it blocked. I work for a financial firm with tight security and any videos that is not provided by the company is restricted.

Query Builder would be the easiest way. With Query Builder you simply drag the tables you want to use into the QB window, click on the check boxes for the fields you want to use in the query and then click on ‘execute’. QB builds the query for you and executing it will run it and return the results.

With Query Builder, if you don’t like the results and need to add more restrictions and definitions and fields, etc, you simply drag-and-drop what you need (adding/creating joins for example) or adding more tables and views and your query will be updated automatically.


Thanks for this information, is it probably to add the DOB and SSN data to a current query that I already have? When I try to add the fields of DOB and SSN to a query that I have I am receiving several Oracle error messages. Would I have to create the query from beginning?

if you have the tables in query builder already then it is just a matter of clicking on the check box(es) for the other fields and they will be added to the query.

What kind of errors are you getting?