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Toad regular expression edit issue


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This has been winding me up for a few months. In most editors when using regex when I replace $ with , then it simply puts a , at the end of each line.

In toad it is putting a , at the end of each line, and creating a new line with just a , on it below the original. So is there a way to do this?

Also I used to be a member of toad world using my old company email address. There was a forum for feature requests. I am proud to say I am the reason a good few features work as they do. Is there still such a place for such requests.


This is an unfortunate bug in the version of Delphi we are using to produce Toad. It broke sometime a few releases ago and is currently logged and Open in Delphi's bug tracking system.

You can workaround it (with a bit more typing) using the following search pattern...


...and replacement text...


The feature requests forum (IdeaPond) is located here.