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Toad Script Problem


Using I whenever I try to run a script, I get “You have reached your low memory threshold. Script aborting”. I was able to run scripts at one point, but now I get this message on the “General” tab when I enable “Spool SQL to Screen”. What do I need to clear out to fix this? My OCI setting is 500. “Show script grids” is disabled. I have 1.96 GB of ram and Toad is the only app I have open.


The reason you’re getting that message is that you’re out of memory. When you
execute as a script (F5), Toad has to pull back the ENTIRE data set before it
can display it. Depending on what you’re trying to return, you can run out of

Do you really need to return the entire contents of the query ? If not, try
running it with F9.

Do you have the history tab turned on? This will make an exact copy of the data
and require more memory.

Can you upgrade? We’ve added some memory optimizations with each version and
10.6 was just released.


Thanks. the query running uses “where rownum<2”, so there’s only 1 row returned. I turned off “maintain script history” and it didn’t help. The only version the company has is this one. Is there a workaround to this problem?


Yes, I can run it in F9 mode. I was also able to run it in Script mode just returning 2 rows instead of one. But now somehow the memory is not being released. I’m only running Toad on my machine.