Toad-SS 5.5 code complete issue with Temp table elements.

I do not know if this is a bug or new code complete omission, but I believe code
complete is getting lost. I have reported this before, but now I can reproduce
it at will, meaning so can Quest.

Let me know if this has already been submitted, if not please create a CR for

Please look at the graphic below, where I am working with a script

I wanted to put in à where NoOfRows but code complete just wanted to give me
@ and @@ variables.

Meaning it never/ever references the variable .

Script to create the problem

Script to create the temp table



  ,TableName, NoOfRows

from #hank_temp

WHERE --(this is where the error is located)

  SELECT   sys.schemas. name AS schema_name ,sys.objects. name ,

sys.objects.create_date, sys.objects.modify_date

Into #hank_temp

FROM     sys.objects 

 INNER JOIN sys.schemas ON sys.objects. schema_id = sys.schemas.


 where sys.objects.type_desc = 'USER_TABLE' ;

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