TOAD Syntax Check error

Try compiling this in TOAD - the Syntax Checker doesn’t like the outer join (+):

create or replace procedure rich_test_999
v number;
with response as
select 1
from XMLTABLE(XMLNamespaces(’’ as “soap”),
interchange_id varchar2(30) path ‘’,
response_code varchar2(30) path ‘’,
ctg_count number(12) path ‘’,
std_status_code varchar2(4) path ‘’,
reasons_xml xmltype path ‘’
) result_tab,
‘for $i in /xxx
return $i’
passing reasons_xml
reason_code varchar2(30) path ‘’,
reason_text varchar2(4000) path ‘’
) (+) reason_tab
select 1
into v
from response;

end rich_test_999;

Thanks Richard. We’ll fix this asap.


Hello Richard,

What is the Oracle version you are running this on? Your code seems to compile
on 10.2 but my guys say it doesn’t on 11.2:

SQL> show errors




I’m assuming this will be a QP5.dll fix. This is usually backwards compatible - so any chance of getting a copy of this once its fixed - even if its with the usual “use at your own risk” caveats? I ask because the package that is affected is one of our core modules and it’s now no longer displayable (at least, not without showing an error and having no navigator) and un-editable in TOAD.



The best way to get it would be to join the beta group, download and install the
latest beta update, then copy over the DLL manually. Do some simple formatting
tests. Yes, you will be using it at your own risk, but it should be fine.

I’m in the Beta group but we are on the previous release of TOAD so I’m unable to apply the current beta at the moment (hopefully will be up to date in the next month or 2). I don’t think I can extract QP5.dll from the beta download section can I unless I’ve got a 10.6 Beta install? No QP5.dll patch?

Has this been fixed in the latest Beta? I’m pushing to upgrade to the latest version of TOAD so that we can apply the QP5.dll fix as this is affecting quite a few of our developers now. It would be good to be able to say that this is definitely resolved if we upgrade.

Richard, I’m getting a compilation error with your code below, so it is
definitely getting past the parser now.


Actually the Editor in the beta has a bug. It seems that the parser is still
incorrectly flagging that code as having syntax errors. The beta is sending the
code to the server which is good in the case of parser errors, but this behavior
differs from 10.5 and parser errors are fairly uncommon. The beta will be fixed
so that it behaves like 10.5 and your code below will still fail with the latest
parser DLL.


Is this fixed in the GA?

Hello Richard, yes it’s in the GA. (fixed in qp5 version 5.163)



Hello Richard, yes it’s in the GA. (fixed in qp5 version 5.163)