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Transaction Log

I'd like to ask you what portion of data show Log Reader? For example when I use ApexSQL I see more data. Is there only active portion of log?

Welcome to the Toad/SQL Server community!

I think you're right... ApexSQL Log is specifically designed to extract the most from your log files....that's what it does.

Toad for SQL Server, on the other hand, was designed with the idea that much of what a SQL Server professional would want is embedded in a convenient IDE (e.g. quick data access/queries, SQL tuning, code debugging, database compare & sync, test data generation, etc.) Think swiss army knife.

That said, if there's something we're not extracting from the Log files that you need to see, let the Dev folks know in this forum what those data elements are, or please land your idea for enhancement on the Idea Pond here: