Transfer options Toad for Oracle 9.7.2 to another PC

Transfer options Toad for Oracle 9.7.2 to another PC

you’ll want to take a look at the host settings in both listener.ora and
tnsnames.ora $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin

i actually did that and was saved as long as the drive spec was the same
when drive spec changed i had do to change the INIT****.ora to reflect the new
drive specification
also one of larrys engineers had the idea to embed drive specs into the dbf
(data) files so if you’re lucky and its
changing to new drive that occupies the same amount of space such as
is a not a problem
but if you’re using virtual drives and your old drive is called fu and new drive
is bar
then count on your configuration becoming bollixed in which case you might have
to export all data with RMAN
create a new database and import the data from the old machine

speaking of things (and people) from the UK next time you turn on the telly
have a gander at biography of Sir Richard Bransons

…cheers from the other side of the pond…
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