Trunc(date) returns date + time

Hi, Ok, I see where it's possible to modify the settings to remove the time as a default. My question is this: Why on earth is toad data point ignoring the sql code? trunc(date) is literally being ignored and toad data point is returning the date with a time of midnight. How is that better than just doing what the programmer clearly wants and has clearly coded? Toad DP overriding the sql code is a confusing design feature to me.

Users may want to ask you here, what is your data source platform, and where are you applying your TRUNC() function? In the Query Builder? Editor? Where is TDP ignoring the code please?
Steps to re-create?

Hey Gary, Sorry, I was a mite grumpy when I wrote that LOL. I spent nearly 20 years using Toad for Oracle, so I'm accustomed to that interface. Because I'm no longer in IT, I no longer have access to that software, but I guess I still expected toad data point SQL editor to be similar to toad for oracle's sql editor.
Ok, data source is oracle. I'm in the sql editor as I said. I can give you the code, but in simplified terms, I'm just trying to strip the time from the query results. I didn't realize I had to change the DP options rather than just format the results in the code. I see this is a design choice (given the other times this has been talked about in this forum), but it's an odd one to me. I'm confused why the data results are being reformatted by the software. I realize it's probably unfair to compare toad for oracle to toad data point as they have different goals.

An additional point, today I needed to create output with the time associated with the date. I had to go back into the options and change them to include the time. It would be much simpler to just allow the sql code to format the results... Thanks.