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Unable to run "with data " using TOAD 12


I’ve been using Toad 11. Just now I’ve update to

I create complex sentences for select using “with” Now they don’t work in “sql editor” (work inside plsql packages).

Easy example:

X as (select * from dual)

select * from X;

This sentence run on other products (and Toad 11.x), but not now, after installing Toad 12.

When try to run, I receive this error:

ORA-00928: falta la palabra clave SELECT

Any suggestion?


There is a new option introduced in 12.9 or 12.10 that is interfering. In Options on the Execute/Compile page disable “Treat blank line as statement terminator” and the behavior will return to what you are used to.


That damn option was plaguing me as well! It’s okay to introduce new options, but to set them by default thus changing past behavior??

Thanks for this fix.


Now it works.