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Lars has completed a round of updates to ToadWorld. Check it out and let him know what you think, he’s always looking for feedback.

He told me this morning that Steve Hilker is preparing a blog post discussing all the changes. Most of them I think are fairly evident when you browse around the site.

Maybe we need a new community board dedicated to website discussion. The website is for all of you so we want to make sure it meets your needs as best as possible.



[mention:89c27f2a21164cb2b0d058e23f9c299d:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] has posted a blog entry with changes to Toad World. Check it out:


That ‘Toad World Community’ area - is that a read-only area for admins only? I can’t find a way to browse to it via the
Forums page. I think it needs its own Forum.

Also, the ‘Feedback’ link is just a direct email. We need an entire Forum for Toad World Community where users can discuss their likes & dislikes, and hash
out improvements amongst themselves, just as they do with all the other products. If someone is just sending a private email directly to the admin, how do they know if this feedback was suggested before? That feels like a very 1990’s way of doing it.

We want this to be as open a system as possible, just like Toad.

I like the improvements overall, but I think there remains much room for improvement. The Toad Oracle dev team did a round of feedback a few weeks ago, which
you’ve largely implemented. I hope many others will also engage, and make this a place they enjoy using.

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Steve Hilker has posted a blog entry with changes to Toad World. Check it out:

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The entire Toad World Community area will be made public in the next week or so.