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Use Prompt Value in Query Results

Hello - I am new to Toad Data Point and am trying to figure our how to use a prompt value in the query results.

I know that I can set up a prompt in the query using a “:” (e.g. :SnapshotDate). However, lets say I want the :SnapshotDate to appear as a field in the query results as well.

In prior versions of TOAD…you could set up a prompt using & (e.g. &SnapshotDate)…and then call the prompt value in the query itself by listing &SnapshotDate as a field. Similar to this… SELECT Name_, &Snapshot_Date FROM MyTable

It is not working for me in Toad Data Point using :SnapshotDate in the Select statement and as a prompt in the Where clause.

Any tips?


Try Select :YourVar PromptedValue, whateverOtherFields From MyTable Where someField = :YourVar

You should get prompted for the YourVar value once and see it in the results that get filtered by the same value. I am using TDP ver 3.7.0

I use this technique all of the time in our Toad Reports. Works great!