User Access rights


Im part of a large company where a handful of users use TOAD (full version).

However we are trying to get more analysts using this tool, so we have installed a the trial version to numerous users to see if they think it is worth purchasing a more permanent licence.

My question is how can we tell who is using the system and who is not as we dont want to be buying licences for analysts that just are not getting to grips with it? Is there any way of tracking or more simply who is using it?

Any reply would be greatly appreciated

You can audit installations by looking in the registry under HKLM for Toad and Toad for Data Analysts.

From a usage perspective you can look at the Session Monitor in Toad for Oracle. Both Toad for Oracle and Toad for Data Analysts will be displayed as Toad.exe. Unfortunately you cannot differentiate between the two. But since a Toad for Oracle license can be used to license TDA it should not matter.