Using Toad Edge for MySQL with ECS on Fargate

In this article we shall discuss using Toad Edge with a containerized application for MySQL database running on Amazon ECS Fargate launch type. Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) is a managed container orchestration service for Docker containers with provision to launch containerized applications on virtual machines (EC2 instances/servers). With the EC2, launch type servers are provisioned and managed by a user. The Amazon Fargate launch type has introduced a serverless containerization platform with which no VMs (EC2 instances) are created and managed directly; instead, a user is provided a cluster of tasks on the Fargate platform. The Fargate platform manages the underlying VMs (EC2 instances). The Fargate launch type provisions an Elastic Network Interface (ENI) that includes a Public IP address for accessing the containerized application for each task. Fargate launch type has simplified the Amazon ECS service with its serverless platform and seamless scaling. An ECS service on Fargate launch type may be integrated with the other AWS services, such as VPC, CloudWatch, IAM, and CloudTrail, just like an ECS service on the EC2 launch type.

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