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Webinar Help - Tell us your top questions about Toad Data Point Visual Query Builder

Hi TDP'ers! We are creating a Toad Data Point webinar to go over your top questions about how to use Toad Data Point Visual Query Builder. So we are collecting your all of your top questions pertaining to building visual queries in the the app. Reply to this thread to let us know what you would like us to cover!

Or you can email me directly at

Hi TDP’ers! This session is happening soon! Make sure you get your questions in and don’t forget to register to attend:

Register now: August 13, 11 a.m. EST: “ Have Questions About Toad® Data Point Visual Query Builder?”

Hi Julie -- I'm looking forward to the webinar. I have several questions regarding the Query Builder:

  1. in the auto-generated Query tab, how does the Query Builder decide which table to display first in the FROM clause? e.g.,
    FROM [first tablename]
    INNER JOIN [next tablename]

  2. in queries involving multiple tables, the auto-generated query syntax shows a list of nested JOINs, but usually there's a final join that's included outside the nested parentheses () e.g.
    FROM ((([first tablename]
    INNER JOIN [next tablename] ON (table.blah = table.blah))
    INNER JOIN [next tablename] ON (table.blah = table.blah))
    INNER JOIN [next tablename] ON (table.blah = table.blah))
    INNER JOIN [last tablename] ON (table.blah = table.blah)

My question is how does the Query Builder work out the order of the JOINs and how they're nested?

  1. If you use an OUTER JOIN in the QUERY BUILDER, is there a way to add what I call "join conditions" as part of the OUTER JOIN instead of in the WHERE clause e.g.,
    FROM [table1]
    LEFT OUTER JOIN [table2]
    ON (table1.key = table2.key)
    AND table2.CURRENT_FLG = 'Y'
    AND table2.DELETE_FLG = 'N'
    WHERE blah...

BTW, if you're able to answer any of these questions before the webinar on the 13th, that would be awesome!


We would also like to know the answer to question 3 from Paul, regarding outer joins with conditions. Our campus purchased TDP as a replacement for Hyperion Brio. We have users who don’t know SQL so the visual Query Builder is a very important feature and one of the main reasons for choosing this software. With Hyperion Brio we could create a left join query with conditions in a minute or less-but with TDP when we create the left join with conditions the query is not built correctly once you add a condition. It apparently converts to an equijoin and gives incorrect results. One our analysts, who does not know sql, had to create several workflows in TDP to stay within visual query builder to duplicate the results he got from brio with a single multiple outer join query. This could be up to a dozen tables. Our users use left joins with conditions quite frequently.

Hi Corinne,
I've added your question to a query builder task that we are currently working on: TMB-2400.

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Hi Can Toad Data point be used to connect and work with SAS datasets ? via ODBC ? please share any links. Thanks Venkata -