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What is an AK?



With the new TDM 3.1.x, there is a field which as (AK1) next to it in one of my tables. I have never noticed it before. I have never heard of an “A” key before either.

Do you know what AK stands for?



It is Alternate Key.
Please see the Help file, Index tab and type ‘alternate keys’ and also ‘linking method’ for more information.



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Thanks for the information. What about tables who have no alternate keys, and only a primary key?

For instance, create a table with a primary key of a field, and the modeler shows the primary key as an Alternate key

Oh nevermind, im deleting the table and recreating it from scratch.



PK - marked by red color = primary key
AK = alternate key.

PK can be a part of AK. See the example screenshot.

Linking method:
Entity1 and Entity2 - PK has been selected as Parent Key.
Entity3 and Entity4 - AK has been selected as Parent Key. (AK items are Attribute1 and Attribute2).

If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks.