What is the "SQL Dictionary" section of Editor Options?

I couldn't find any reference in the user manual. What is this are used for?

Good find... Never paid attention to this part of the Options Base before, and you're right... nothing in the tech docs or product Help file on this.

Appears to be internal code that is used by the product, but exposed in case there needs to be optimization tweaks for certain data sources... see for, example, TDP knowledge base article here.

Nonetheless, I'll see if we can get more insight from Quest Dev team members.

OK, some luck in finding information...

First of all, the SQL Dictionary appears in all Toad products that are built on the .Net platform, which includes Toad for SQL Server, Toad for SAP, Toad for DB2, Toad Data Point, the new Toad Data Studio, etc.

So, I did find this excerpt in the Toad SQL Server's product help file, which explains a little more the reason for these SQL dictionary entries (basically, to optimize how the product retrieves info from the data sources) ... it's for advanced users, and only with the aid of Quest Support/Dev team's assistance.

I'll raise this with Quest Dev and Tech writers to get this documented better in TDP and TDS.