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Where to check index fragmentation rate?


I had a task to check indexes with high percentage > 30 % and then rebuild it.

I did both operation in MS SQL Studio and wanted to compare values using Toad because I prefer to use it.

I found the place Tools - Administration - Index fragmentation which allowed to search for Fragmentation percentage. This place provide an option to select the type of search like '‘Detailed’ and etc.

I did not know which one to select and tried all 3 available but none of the Result was equal to the one I’ve got using MS Studio. BTW in Studio I used right-button on index - Properties - Fragmentation and read result.

My question: where is the right place to check for index fragmentation in Toad, which parameters to select for search in case I want to see the same output that I have in Studio?



As I try, when I select SAMPLE as scanning mode, the result is same as Management Studio. But the number is rounding in toad.

If this still not working for you. Could you please provide more details? Like the SQL Server Service version, Toad version or screenshot? Thank you advance.

And below is mode detail from help document. Hope can help you a little.

Limited—Provides fastest performance, only the parent-level pages are scanned. Fragmentation percent and Page Space Used percent can display as null.

Sampled—Provides estimated index statistics, based on 1% sample of all pages. This mode does not show heap indexes fragmentation percent.

Detailed—Provides actual index statistics, all pages are scanned.

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Thank you Kelly,

It works perfect for me.

I was confused by rounded numbers.

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