Who is Roberto Icardi

I wouldn’t ask for that if he was disagreed once with feature I asked in Idea Pond. But he did it twice… yes, he is registered under 2 different accounts. Strange…


Here I am :slight_smile:

Sorry, I have done a little mess with ideapond. I’ve realized right now that I’ve registered twice with two different email address… Now I see if I am able to “kill” myself in one of my incarnations… in case I vote in favour to counter-balance :slight_smile:

Sorry once again for the incovenience…

Nope, I am not able to undo action, or at least I’ve not found it. Also I have not found how can I unsuscribe… :frowning: Maybe Vaclav that is moderator can help me? the one to kill is roberto.icardi … Sorry for incovenience once again…


As I am not able to manage it anyhow, I will ask Vaclav to try and somehow undo your second account roberto.icardi.


Hi Roberto,

I tried to merge the two accounts together but was not successful. The idea pond is provided by third party company and we have no control over its features. The only possibility there is to mark user as banned and then his profile gets “spammer” badge. I do not want you to get this badge, you certainly are not a spammer.

I would only like to ask you to use one account and sing-in using the same email address.

Hi Michal: I voted for your idea to fix problem with the second negative vote. Now the value should be OK.



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Hi Roberto,

You may be able to kill the incarnation roberto.icardi at least for Toad Data Modeler community itself, probably not utterly. Log in as roberto.icardi, go to your profile in top-right corner and select Profile, in the Settings menu select Communities | Your Communities and select Leave this community for now for Toad Data Modeler community. And leave the account.


Hi Vaclav,

ok… I’ll use only the account from hotmail, that is my “main” mail account…

sorry for incovenience once again.