Why is every thing included in my alter script

95% of the items have been marked as equal with a slash, but it still manages to find it’s way into my alter script.

I recently added a few FK and Unique indexes to the TDM and I want to deply them to my Oracle DB, but I can’t seem to get the changes out without having to drop every table and recreate it…

I am finding this very difficult to work with, is there any other way?

Hello Jeff,

What I can suggest:

  1. Open the Convertor from the updated model - click any WS of the updated model and open the Convertor then. The model will be listed as Model1 in the Convertor.
  2. Select the other model from the Model2 box.
  3. Select the first icon next to Model2 box to generate alter script for this model - for Model2.
  4. If you leave the default settings in the Convertor, the blue arrows mark the changes for which the alter script will be generated. By default, only changes of properties and newly added items (CREATE statement) are generated. I suggest to leave this default settings (as you write you just added the items, not deleted) and click Execute.

Is the result OK now?

Tip: Please have a look at this doc:

Note: The upcoming Beta will bring much better and more clear alter script generation (new Sync and Convert Wizard will be available).