Workbook files can be opened by multiple users at same time

We have ver 6.2 TWF files on a shared drive. If a person has a Workbook open, nothing prevents another user from opening the same file and corrupting it.

Can something be done to prevent this ? For example, 'File in use'


Raising awareness to Quest R&D... stay tuned...

Hi Eric,

I understand that by restricting file usage to a single user at a time, you can prevent simultaneous edits and reduce the likelihood of corruption or conflicts if multiple users attempt to modify the same file simultaneously.

One approach to address this issue is by setting appropriate permissions on the shared drive to control access to TWF files. Bear in mind that the primary purpose of a shared drive is to facilitate collaborative work and efficient access to files among multiple users.

I'm concerned that if we simply "lock" the file while in use by someone, we may receive more complaints from users who are utilizing files in that manner.

I'd still prefer the 'lock' to prevent simultaneous changes, but if that is not an option how about just a message that pops up like 'File is currently in use by another user'? We have Excel files on the shared drive and that's how it functions (ie. message "File is in use, read only mode")


Thank you for your suggestion regarding implementing a notification message for indicating when a file is in use by another user. We appreciate your feedback and understand the importance of improving our software to enhance collaboration and prevent conflicts.

I have logged your enhancement request, and it will undergo a review process. While I cannot provide a definite timeline for implementation at this moment, please rest assured that we are committed to continuously improving our software to better meet the needs of our users. Your input is valuable to us, and we will strive to incorporate enhancements like this to enhance user experience and efficiency over time. Thank you for your understanding and patience.