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XML Field - Profile



Is it logical or possible to profile on XML field?
Also is it possible to write select on XML data type field? I have tried xmlserializer( xml field as char) and sql editor error out.

Kindly suggest.



Are you connected Oracle or some other provider? If it is Oracle, there are several difference types of XML datatypes, binary and schema.

Go to the object explorer and view details on a table with an xmltype and look at the data tab. Can you see the xml data?


It’s DB2, when i look for object explorer that mean when I double click on the table, it throws error when go to data tab.


here is the error: when i click on data:


I would suggest opening up a support case at so all important information can be logged and analyzed such as:

  • Are you connecting to DB2 LUW or DB2 z/OS?
  • What version of DB2? What version is your DB2 client?
  • Are you using ODBC to connect to your DB2 or are you using a DB2 cataloged connection?
  • The DDL of your table
  • ETC.