Editor returning inconsistent results for SQL query Editor returning inconsistent results for SQL

Yes, when there is highlighted code, the editor will only execute the
highlighted code when F9 is pressed

Very interesting. I was able to duplicate the issue with the following:

select sysdate

from dual

where 1 = :first_val;

It appears to be linked in to the parameter values. Even placing a “2 = 2”
on the final line with the semi-colon still produces the error. Replace the
parameter with actual an actual value and it works just fine.

Looks like a parsing issue.

I’m on version

Roger S.

Roger, Thanks for the verification and the test case too. It was Friday
afternoon when I wrote that and I didn’t have time to work out a simple test

TOAD developers, Is this something you feel I should submit as a bug, or is this
a known issue, or is this thread alone enough?


Yes I understand that. My issue is something else. I’m highlighting my code.
It appears to be executing it and returning an incorrect result some of the
time. I can get different results depending on whether I stop the highlighting
exactly at the semicolon or if I drag up from the (blank) line following the
semicolon or I drag down from the top past the semicolon into the next (blank)
line. How I highlight makes a difference in the number of rows returned. I would
think the blank line below the highlighted code wouldn’t make a difference.
That was my point.

Ok, I remember this one. It’s already fixed in Toad 11 beta.


That’s good to know. Thanks!