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In 10.6 'Edit' command only processes single line.


FYI, I found (and submitted an support ticket) for this soon after upgrading to 10.6.

for those of you that use the ‘edit’ command in an editor tab, beware that only one line is getting executed when you hit ctrl-enter, click the execute snippet button, or highlight the statement and hit the execute button. I.E.:

edit table_a where id=123

works fine, but

edit table_a where

throws an error, and

edit table
where id=123

ignores the where clause entirely.


This is not a bug but a feature. The EDIT toad command is spelled the same as
the EDIT SQLPlus statement. Also Toad (rightfully so) has succeeded in
supporting just about all SQLPlus idiotsyncrasies.


Well, it has a defect number assigned and I am told it now works as it did in 10.1 and 10.5 in the 11 beta.


This is fixed in the upcoming 10.6.1, for Shift+F9 (Ctrl+enter) only. If you are
using F9, the where clause on the 2nd line is ignored as it should be.


Thanks Brad - that’s great news.


Any rough ETA on when 10.6.1 might be released?


Nov 9