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13.2 not available until 11/18 but 13.2 Beta expired!? Problem!

I switched to the 13.2 Beta because I was having problems with Toad 13.1 linking to my GIT repository. Now I have neither the beta or the release version.

Can the Beta be reinstated until the official 13.2 release?

See the post below from the main Beta Announcement thread.

Thanks Michael. John Dorlon also suggested this. I just finished chasing down my PC and network folks to make sure I wasn't stepping into "thou shalt not" territory and to get my network domain so I'm about to give it a shot

OK. That worked. Thanks John and Michael!

I can't get that to work. The script sets the date ok but then when Toad Beta launches I get "An error occurred in EurekaLog's user event handler......Access violation at address....etc". Any ideas?

There is another workaround: Use RunAsDate tool by Nirsoft and start Toad from this tool with a date of max 28\10\2019

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