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[] Create Synonym Truncating Long Object Names

I have found the Create Synonym process is truncating long object names allowed in more current Oracle releases. I am using Oracle 19 and here is a long View Name:


Here is what I get when using Create Synonym Wizard as a user on the same Oracle 19 instance to create a Synonym for that View:

Note that the name is truncated in both the Create Synonym GUI Wizard right hand pane as well as in the Generated SQL. This is a low priority issue as manually creating Synonyms is very simple. As this is the second place I have found issues where TOAD processes have issues with long object names, you may want to have support run through your create/modify GUI Wizards against objects that have Long Names.

Thanks, I'll have this fixed soon.

When Oracle first introduced this, I went through all of the source code looking for field definitions of length 30 and increasing them to 128. Admittedly, I missed these and a few low-use areas in Toad that I just found, but I can confidently say that there are few, if any places left in Toad that won't support long object names.