5.5.3 missing

According to: http://sqlnavigator.inside.quest.com/index.jspa

5.5.3 have been released, however there is no download for it. The download is for 5.5.2.x. Is there a new place to download the newest version? The current one (5.5.2.x) hiccups too often and I am hoping the fix is in 5.5.3.

Version 6.0 beta does not address the issue above either. Please disregard this thread then.

Downloaded 6.0 beta, still have same issue.

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5.5.3 contains a number of fixes for Team Coding and the lastest version of SQL Optimizer.

If you have checked the Beta and still have issues then 5.5.3 would not help.

Can you please provide more details on the issues you are having, that would help us to address these for you in a future build.

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Sorry for the long time response, we’re just getting swamped here at work :slight_smile: The program just crashes left and right (or used to). I just installed 5.5.4 and working with that right now. It seems much more stable :slight_smile: Thanks for the great job!

Thank you very much for the update. It is great to hear that :-).