Announcing the upcoming SQL Navigator 2023 release

Hi SQL Navigator users, we wanted to share the exciting news about the upcoming SQL Nav 2023 release!

Our goal with this release is to ensure SQL Nav supports the latest database and platform environments and includes top-priority defect fixes. To make sure we cover those priority defects, we wanted to reach out to the community and ask for your feedback. Please tell us about your top 10 priority issues or concerns you currently have working with SQL Nav.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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I'm sorry, I can't believe that.
You want to release in 2023 and now (after more than 2 years of complete standstill) you ask us users for priorities.
Could it be that license fees are due again now and Quest just wants to make sure that these are payed again - on an obscure promise?
You don't give a specific release date, nor do you give a deadline by which feedback must be received to even be considered.
Don't you find that strange yourself?

I must agree with @andre.meier here. This is a welcome surprise but we need more specific dates. I will need to reach out to our team and having some type of timeframe would allow us to coordinate an answer based on feedback over that period. Do you want feedback posted to this forum? Also can you give an idea of what issues you are already addressing? Such as those already raised in the beta version feedback.

Hi Andre and all,
Yes it's been a long awaited release, we apologize for the delay and completely understand the frustration.

To answer your questions:
Harder to believe but we are planning for SQL Nav version 8.0 for Fall of this year and are currently finalizing the priority list of defects for this release.

The current pipeline of fixes include customer facing issues reported via our Support team channel - We can try and list them for you here for reference.

We opened the post just so that we can hopefully hear from the user community as well before we submit the requirements to the engineering team for estimates.

This post will be available for 30 days, and yes this forum can be used for feedback. Looking to hear back from everyone!

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Thanks @Gita.Sharifi
For those of us in the southern hemisphere. When you say Fall 2023 I assume you mean Q3 2023 (September to November)?

Yes exactly, Sept-Nov period.

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OK, here are the things that come to mind off the top of my head:

SQL Navi gets slower and slower the longer you work, especially when multiple connections are open.
This even when the history is turned off and/or freshly cleared.

Please finally provide a "reasonable" GUI for the DB-Scheduler (create, modify, delete)

After changes (DDL) the tree display is often not synchronized correctly,
very often only helps to close and reopen the window.
This should become better.

Maybe more to come...

here are things that a colleague has written down:
#1 Wrong SQL after changing a view in the view view (either the last comma is in the wrong place, or the column names are all INVISIBLE).
#2 Wrong mapping of the order of triggers in the tree after changes.
#3 Extremely slow building of triggers in the tree (left) or in the list (right).
#4 When the connection is gone and you want to navigate on the build, the navigator goes partially to nirvana and you have to kill the app.
#5 With the time of working with the navigator it gets slower and slower.

One more thing that occurred to me, became/is more important over time:
(easy/convenient) way to connect to the Oracle Cloud (OCI).


  • Extremely slow building of triggers in the tree (left) or in the list (right). (same as Andre's #3)
  • Crashing or freezing UI (i can't pinpoint , it's random. similar to Andre's #4 issue)
  • Scheduler window is too slow
  • lack of the new features (e.g. long names in same windows) (but off course that's already covered i suppose :slight_smile: )
  • No support for coding guidelines (e.g. db*CODECOP)
  • not a defect but a request : better integration with Git (something like visual studio code)

Anyway I'm very pleased with the announcment. I still believe (after experimenting with other tools like Toad) SQL Navigator is way more efficiënt and let's me work faster.

Thanks everyone for the feedback so far. We will forward the lists to the engineering team for evaluation. We will try and include issues that are reproducible and fixable in time for the 8.0 release. Should the team need additional data for any of the reported issues we will reconnect with you.

@Gita.Sharifi WIll Windows 11 compatibility be included in this release?

Hi Brian,
Yes, we plan to officially support Oracle 21c and Windows 11 in SQL Navigator 8.0.

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please fix preferences to include a proper black theme like every legit IDE

We are focusing on platform support and bug fixes in our next release. We'll have the team log dark mode theme for the future release. Thanks for your feedback!

Great - that's great.
Since I was very annoyed that SQL Navigator seemed to be discontinued, I started working with TOAD. But I couldn't really get comfortable with that. Various features of SQL Navigator are simply missing in TOAD or are much more complicated to use in direct comparison. Also some shortcuts that I used intensively in SQL Navigator can't even be assigned in TOAD.
In this respect, the news that there will be a version 8.0 of SQL Navigator is great. However, the concerns remain that the product will only be developed further half-heartedly in the medium to long term and possibly discontinued altogether.
Is there a reliable roadmap for the further development of SQL Navigator in the next few years? Is there even a development team for the product?

Hello @Gita.Sharifi,

wow, somehow I missed this "new" thread.
If it's not to late I would like to share our teams issues..

Using TFS (Azure Dev Ops) as VCS in SQL Navigator we occasionally had some issues while checking-in. It looked like the view was checked-in correctly but we had to manually check it in again in the team coding manager for another user beeing able to check-out the same view again. This was already solved in the beta of V7.7. But this beta never got released. Hope that fix will find its way into the new V8.

Please note, that only in the beta V 7.7 while selecting "check-in all" and unchecking some outstanding changes in the following dialog, still ALL changes were checked-in. Reported this before so might already been fixed.

in V7.6 sometimes a check-in fails if the check-in comment has to many characters or it contains some invalid special characters.

A colleague gets an error dialog (ORA-12571) every day the first time he's rightclicking somewhere inside the SQL-Nav. This happens only on his machine and only once a day.


Are you still on track? What's the date you're aiming for ?

SQL Nav 8.0 still on track for Sept/Oct time frame. We've forwarded everyone's feedback to the engineering team for further analysis. Thanks for your input submissions.

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Last friday it was finaly there. I was very eager to test it. db scheduler is now faster. Excellent. Bit disappointed to see that the slow trigger screen (displaying all trigger on a table ) is just changed to 'a tiny little bit less slower' but still SLOW. And secondly "database code search" still has the application crash "Name length exceeds 30 characters."