5.5.4: Missing LEFT OUTER keywords?

Good Morning,

I use “LEFT OUTER JOIN” all the time here at work. I have noticed that the keywords LEFT and OUTER are not cased and colored at all :slight_smile: Was wondering if I am the only one noticing that.

Hi shannara,

thanks for bringing to our attention this issue once again. We are going to implement fully the ANSI99 “JOIN … ON” syntax in the next 6.0 release.

BTW, have you got a chance to play with our 6.0 Beta build? Since you are existing Nav user, it would be great to hear from you also about all the new features we have in the Beta 6.0.

Rgds, Andrew

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Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: I installed a 6.0 beta once, then it expired after after a few days :slight_smile: After that, I didnt want to risk going through that again :slight_smile:

What a misfortune,

but good news is that current Beta build will not expire until end of Jan 08,


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