Navi 5.5.4, CTRL+ALT+U (to make text UPPER case dont work anymore)

Hi all,

I do hope someone can give me a hint for that:
From one moment to another CTRL+ALT+U dont work anymore.
However CTRL+ALT+L (lower casea) is still working as usual.

I’m perplexed.
I have already:

  1. Restarted my computer.
  2. Reset all settings to default.
    No effect at all.

In Beta 6 there is no problem like that.

Best regards

Hi Andre,

Unfortunately, I couldnt reproduce your problem. Both 5.5 and 6 beta work fine for me. It’s good though that beta 6 doesn’t break.


Hi Gwen,
I belief you - truely.
But there is no reason to worry longer.
I have deinstalled the 5.5, dropped all registry entries (You know I don’t like that, but what should I have done else:-) and installed it from the scratch.
Everything is fine now again.

Thank you