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6.1 Find Objects dialog


I like the extended funtionality of the 6.1 Find Objects dialog box. What I don’t like about it is the width of the fields for Schema name, name and column. What we know is that Oracle limits these to a maximum of 30 characters The fields on your screen for these object names only hold around 15 characters or so depending on proportional font characteristics. This means the field scrolls on me when typing it. That might be acceptable; but much worse is that the history drop down lists are also too small - making it impossible to choose the correct long item name since not all of it is displayed. See attached screen shot.

Even if I set my display to 800 X 600 Resolution, it looks like it should have been possible to size these fields a little better within the dialog. Even if you left the fields in the dialog the same size, the drop down list could be wider than the original field so that list items could be seen completely.

I realize this is not an important enhancement request - basic functionality works - but it would be a nice to have.


Hi Charles,

I logged in your request but it will have to go through CCb before we decide if it’s get fixed in this version or not.



Thanks Gwen. Also on the Find Objects dialog I have this question:
When the search gives me a result list of tables or views, highlighting one of them and pressing F3 does not give me a quick browse. Right clicking and choosing Quick Browse does work. Other hot keys appear to work. Is it just something with my computer or do you see F3 not working on the Find Objects results as well?


Hi Charles,

This one is indeed a bug. I will log it in.