A new Toad DB2 Beta Installer is now available (v6.1.0.778)

The latest Toad for DB2 Beta v6.1.0.778 installer is available.

You can download this installer at:


You can also view the beta release notes at:


Thanks Jeff.

Is this an ongoing beta program?

We currently have a license, but it does not include the compare data feature. I am trying to convince management of its value.

Our beta program for Toad DB2 v6.1 will continue until we go GA with Toad DB2 v6.1.

We are targeting to go GA in late June, 2015.

Once we GA you should also be able to download a trial version that contains all features at:




Once we begin on our next Toad DB2 version, we will have another beta program for that…probably beginning in July/August…

Thanks Jeff.

I will note here all the issues I have with Toad, although they are not specific to this version. If you would like me to post elsewhere or look elsewhere before posting, fell free to suggest an alternate location.

When I run a few hundred SQL queries and run through the results, I get an annoying out of memory message. I have a Win7 machine with 8 GB of memories, so it is not a real memory problem.

I have a script that creates quiries for each relationship in the DB, and test to see that there are no orphans. I end up with over 400 queries, and all I have to is verify that the reult for each is 0. If I scroll up or down too fast, I get this error message.

Is this a known issue?

P.S. How can I attach a screenshot here?

While doing a compare data, Toad hung on:

Extracting differences. Please wait…

“Processed 85,426 of 825,425 records”.

I can send you a screenshot if you like.

This is not a bug, but a request for a feature.

I someties run 10 to 20 data compares at a time. It always asks me if I want to overwrite the script. The honest answer is “no”. I save each one along with the SQL that results from the “Synchronization Wizard”.

Is it possible to have the default name of the script = “SourceSchema&”"&SourceTableName&""&TargetSchema&"_“TargetTableName”?

Is it possible to give the SQL script that synchronizes, the same name?

This would be a great help to me.



OK - so I am trying to understand how you use this feature and what you would want.

Do you always only select one table on the top control before clicking on the 'Sync Wizard' button?

Since we can allow multiple tables to be selected, perhaps we would always use the first table names, regardless of how many tables were selected to be sync'ed.

Does that sound like it would work for you?

I usually choose one table, and save the compare and resulting script. The table name wouldn’t be so convenient, as the “ID” of the compare is the connection and schemas involved. If there would be a list of tables, it would probably suffice to add the first table name ( after the source and destination connections and schemas).