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about the datapump watch screen

Not sure if I ever complained about this before but will next version of TOAD
tie down the datapump watch screen to its parent schema?

I am not sure if this is a bug or a feature.

Recently I had to move a bunch of stuff from one instance to another and on to a
third and it was most perplexing to sort out which watch screen belonged to
which schema on which instance (all are named the same).

If it‘s a feature I am not sure I get the point.



p.s. to reproduce:

  1. open schema A.

  2. open schema B.

  3. launch datapump action in schema A, watch screen tab appears.

  4. switch to schema B, watch screen is there and in any other open schemas.

Hi Paul - no, that’s not a feature, that window should be attached to the schema
from which it ran, I’ll fix it, thanks.

It’s a hold-over from prior days, when that Watch window was used for Oracle
EXP/IMP and I used the same window for multiple executions across schemas. Now
there’s a separate instance each time.

Actually now that I read my comments in the source code I have to modify what I

The various Oracle Utilities (IMP/EXP/IMPDB/EXPDB) are launched via their
respective Toad features, and they run as stand-alone processes. The process
output is captured by Toad and piped into that Watch window. The normal behavior
of Toad windows which are attached to their session is to close when their
session closes. The Watch window has to remain open so the process output can
continue to be piped to it.

So it can’t be “attached” to the session in the normal sense and enjoy all the
benefits and behavior of those types of windows (comes to front when Session
button on toolbar is clicked, e.g.). But I can change the caption of the Watch
window to show the connect string which was used by the process underneath it,
so you can sort them out.

Done now for next release: