Datapump Utility Object Search Hanging

Hi folks,

I have a long standing annoyance that has been around since the redesign of the datapump utility back in version 10 or 11.

Say I start a long running query in a editor window A, say it runs for 5 minutes.

Meanwhile I wish to export some stuff with the datapump export utility.

So I run the datapump utility object search to pull up a list of stuff to export. At this point TOAD locks up and stalls until the query in editor A completes. There is nothing to do but wait it out or force close TOAD. Seems like there is some kind of simple conflict happening between the two tasks.



Do you use option “run query in threads”?


Hi folks,

I was just noticing that this issue remains in version As the years have rolled by, is this more feature than bug?



Thanks for reviving this. Looks like it was a workaround for another problem. I’ll have it fixed next beta.