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Access violation error in TDM.exe


I know this could be a stretch. I have the following environment:

Toad data modeler File version
Windows 10 latest version
Running under parrallels Desktop 15 for Mac Pro Edition version 15.1.0
Mac book pro running macOS Catalina version 10.15

I have access violation error in TDM.exe is various places like executing a macro or saving reports or the model DDL. I can create objects and save the model. I uninstalled and installed with a new configuration to no avail.

This error cames up after upgrade to Catalina

Can you help?

Kind regards


unfortunately in Windows 10 Build 1809 has been modification, that is reason that odler TDM than 6.5.5 doesn't work.
I have no chance to try Catalina, but I think that during this update you was update Windows. Please try to version 7.0 or 7.1 (at least 6.5.5).