Access violation

Good morning, when I load a workspace I get the following message:


call-stack.txt (107.3 KB)

Uso Windows 10 64b

Do you get this every time you try to load your workspace? Does restarting Toad change the behavior?

Yes, it happens to me every time I load this workspace.

When I want to close TOAD it doesn't finish it, it stays frozen so I have to go to the task manager and close it

Please zip your User Files folder and email it to me at You can omit Connections.xml from the zip. Thanks.

I'll give you a link so you can download it.

The folder I unzipped is:

C:\Users\ccevallos\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\17.1 beta\User Files

I have them, thanks. I'll test using your config.

Which workspace are you loading?

temporal-1 o temporal-1-x

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