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Adding a default set of Audit Columns for each entity

I’m trying to find a way to add a default set of columns to each enntity for auditing purpose for each entity. I want to automatically generate all the column when the an entity is created.

The set of colums is required for each table in the model below:

Insert_Datm date not null,
Update_Datm date null,
Error_Flag char(1) not null,
Delete_Datm date null,
Source_Key Varchar2 (256) not null

If there’s no way to autogenerate these, is there a way cut/past all colums into the DM at one time?


By the way, I’m using version of the Toad DM software.

Also note, the model is not static, so new entities will be added over time and I will want to automatically generate these colums for the new tables with duplicating them in the older tables. (This seems to happen when using a Macro)

Hopwfully someone else has discovered a way to do this without some convoluted navigation.



thanks for your feedback. See this article, please:



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