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What is the most fast way to create entities and default set of attributes?



I just started to use TDM and already want to customized it.

In our company, each entity should have a set of attributes:
a primary key: _ID
a name: _NAME
a description: _DESCRIPTION
a code: _CODE (unique constraint)
and a series of audit fields: INSID, UNSDATE, UPDID, UPDDATE.

Each of these fields getting its datatype from a specific Domain.

What I would like to do:

  1. Each time an entity is created, the default attributes are automatically set (including keys + constraint)
  2. If the table name is change: attributes are changed automatically (including keys + constraints)

How should I proceed?

Please advise.


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Hi Sebastien,

this is one of items on our ToDo list for future versions. Re scripting and customization: it is possible to write a macro that will add the predefined columns to your new or existing/selected table. What you cannot do is to get automatic modification of object names based on change of table name. All macros must be evoked somehow and in this case it would be necessary to do a manual action after renaming a table.

For quick start I recommend you to look at productivity pack macros:

There is a macro that adds single attribute to all or selected tables. I think you can write a macro that will open form where you will have to enter table name and execute it. New table will be added to your model with properly named new columns and contstraints etc. But when you change your table name, some other macro will have to be called to change names of the predefined columns.




Thanks for the info.