Allowing another user to run my queries, keeping the same saved table location

Here is my predicament, and hope someone can help.

Monthly I create about 3 tables in Toad, that are created in under my schema name, in which I have Excel directly linked to the ODBC tables at that schema.

Next month I will be out of the office when these tables need to be created.

How would I have another user create these same tables, saving to the same schema/location, without sharing my login id and password?

Any ideas would be most appreciated.

If he has the CREATE ANY TABLE privilege, he can create tables in your schema.

If he doesn’t, then you can give him the proxy privilege into your account. That would let him connect into your account using his password instead of yours. Then you could revoke the other user’s proxy privilege into your account when you return.…/proxy-users-and-connect-through

Another option is that you could create the tables before you leave.