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I have several tables with constraints in SQL Server and I would like to drop all them. Unfortunately, the constraints keep me from using the DROP TABLE; therefore, I have to ALTER each individual table to remove the constraints so I can use DROP TABLE statement and run it as Script.

Is there an easier way to ALTER MULTIPLE TABLES like using wild card (for example: ALTER*) in SQL Server? In other words, what is the most efficient way for me to accomplish this?

Thank You

Hi Axel,

thanks for your post - it gave me a good start point and I have discovered that Drop Table dialog can easily generate drop statements for constraints if needed. it’s available only in dev environment for now, but I would be interested to hear other’s opinion about that before it will go out.

Do you guys think Toad should automatically generate drop for constraints at once?

Hi Valentine,

I’m not totally agree with Axel. I understand the problem, but for me is better :

First drop all constraints that are presents in these tables.
Second drop tables.

In the past, constraints save me to accidentaly drop tables with valid datas.
It’s like use statement - delete from

- if you omit where clause you delete all datas in the tables, and you must restore values/datas from a valid backup.

From my point of view I prefer delete constraints and after drop table.

Best regards.

Sergio Bertolotti