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Toad SS 5.5 - Not finding all the constraints on a table thus not generating ALTER or Creation Script correctly [1 Attachment]

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When trying to generate an Alter statement on a table, it was noticed that
Toad-SS did not find or manage all the constraints. Therefore when it want to
re-create the constraints it came up way short.

Objective: Change two fields from char to varchar in App.Landlordagreements

Problem: Completely different code generated by SSMS and Toad-SS to make this
ALTER change.

Area of concern: Toad-SS not finding all the needed constraints on target table
thus NOT generating all the needed drops and adds

Conclusion: Alter on Toad-SS 5.5 doesn’t generate the correct information
about a table so as to make a proper Alter on a table. Making this functionality
in Toad-SS unusable .

This is especially poignant one looks at the two Table view details between SSMS
and Toad-SS 5.5

See attached document for full details.

Hank Freeman

Senior Systems, Database/Data Warehouse Architect

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